1. What is Heavenly View Estate Farm?
    • Heavenly View Estate Farm is a magical 346 acre private estate that is blessed with epic views and specializes in weddings, corporate events and all manner of large social events. The Estate features rich landscaping, woodlands with miles of trails and pathways and a significant active croplands component.
  2. Do we need to hire a wedding coordinator?
    • Heavenly View Estate Farm (HVEF) recommends that couples hire a wedding coordinator for guest counts greater than 50. Ultimately, however, this choice shall rest with the judgment of each couple.
  3. Where is Heavenly View Estate Farm located?
    • 305 Heavenly View Road, Fairhope, PA. 15538. Please send a message on the Contact page to request a private tour and we shall get right back to you.
  4. Are we free to choose our own caterer and other vendors?
    • Yes, you are free to choose your own caterer, photographer, cake baker and any other vendors you wish to choose to make your big day your own. While you may hire any vendors of your choice, if you request suggestions, we shall be happy to provide a wealth of high integrity and competent suggestions.
  5. What is included when we secure a date for our wedding day at Heavenly View Estate Farm?
    • The Estate shall provide all venues for your ceremony (if the ceremony is being held at the Estate), cocktail hour and reception, including climate-controlled restrooms, lighting, and vendor required utilities. Additionally, the Estate shall provide, set up and take down of any and all required tables and chairs for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Free abundant parking is also available to all guests. And, after all the fun has been had, we dispose of all refuse.
  6. Do we need to secure insurance for our wedding?
    • Yes, purchase of Commercial General Liability Insurance, including Host Liquor Liability, in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage is required. This coverage must name as an additional insured “Heavenly View Estate Farm LLC” an shall be evidenced by the delivery of a Certificate of Insurance to Heavenly View Estate Farm no less than 30 days prior to your wedding date.
  7. What is required to secure and reserve our wedding date?
    • A signed Agreement and a Ten (10%) percent deposit.
  8. May we set up our personal decorations before our wedding day?
    • Yes, for all Grand Classic and Grand Gala Weddings, all couples may schedule set up of their personalized decorations the day before their wedding. Similarly, these same decorations may be scheduled for take down the day after the wedding.
  9. May we or my baker, for example, schedule drop off the wedding cake the day before the wedding for safe keeping?
    • Yes, just schedule drop off and we will securely refrigerate your special cake until the next day’s reception.
  10. May my caterer or I schedule for the caterer to set up the day before the wedding?
    • Yes, just schedule this and we will be happy to help. We believe in as much advance preparation as possible so the Bride and Groom can be in the moment on the Big Day.